Syllabus for Sea Freight Course

Attendees to the Course: Shore personnel (Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Loading Personnel excluding Stevedores) whose duties include preparing / accepting / packing / loading cargo transport units, supervising someone who perform these duties, intended for sea / road (excluding bulk) / rail transportation

Course duration: 1.5 days (initial), re-certification 1 day

Certificate valid for 2 years


After completing this course Shore-based Personnel will be able to:

  • Identify the regulators and their legal responsibilities
  • Identify the contents of the IMDG code book (Parts/Chapter, Index etc)
  • Classify and Identify Dangerous Goods, Recognise Hazard labels
  • Select the Proper Shipping name from both the numerical and alphabetical listing
  • Interpret packing instruction requirements and pack dangerous goods
  • Mark, label and placard Dangerous Goods
  • Prepare transport documents for Dangerous Goods
  • Recognise incompatible Dangerous Goods and apply correct segregation requirements
  • Accept Dangerous Goods prepared for sea, road and rail transportation
  • Safely load and unload Cargo Transport Units (CTU) and vehicles
  • Apply basic emergency procedures


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